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Grassroots Organization

The Allegheny Forest Alliance
Bring hardwood lumber and veneer manufacturers, local government officials, and other interested parties together to defend the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) timber sale program against attack by radical environmentalists.
The ANF in northwestern Pennsylvania is one of America's premier national forests. With more than half a million acres of the world's best black cherry timber, the ANF is a highly-valuable public treasure. In the late 1990s, a group of preservationists began a paper "monkey-wrenching" effort to stop all timber sales on the ANF.
Course of Action
In conjunction with a handful of hardwood industry leaders, created a nonprofit organization the Allegheny Forest Alliance to defend the ANF timber program from attack.
Designed a logo, prospectus, and marketing materials for the Alliance.
Facilitated and publicized a series of organizational meetings and rallies, creating significant momentum for the Alliance.
Wrote and distributed numerous news releases, newsletters, and action alerts and garnered saturation media coverage in the local area.
Succeeded in uniting a disparate group of interests behind a common cause and quickly raised a significant war chest.
Provided sufficient funds to launch the Alliance as a stand-alone organization and to finance an aggressive legal defense fund.
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