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Geothermal Energy

City of Boise, Idaho
Secure federal appropriations to expand and improve the city's geothermal-based district hearing system.


Boise is located above a large, medium-temperature geothermal aquifer. This indigenous hot water has been used to heat homes and businesses for more than a century. In recent decades, use of this natural resource has steadily expanded to serve state, city, and county buildings and commercial and industrial customers.

Course of Action
Lobbied Congress in 1985 to obtain $1.0 million in federal appropriations to expand the city's existing geothermal system.
Lobbied Congress again in 1989 to obtain an additional $1.0 million for expansion of the geothermal system.
Prepared detailed proposals to the U.S. Department of Energy to secure release of appropriated funds.
Secured $1.0 million in the F.Y. 1986 Energy and Water Appropriations bill.
Secured an additional $1.0 million in the F.Y. 1990 Energy and Water Appropriations bill.
Prepared proposals to DOE that resulted in contracts with the city.
Boise's geothermal district heating system today serves approximately 50 customers throughout the downtown area.
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