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Marketing Makeover

Printing Industry Credit Executives
Create a new logo, Web site, and marketing kit for a small trade association.
Course of Action
Performed a thorough communications audit, examining the association's electronic and printed materials.
Collected glowing quotes from members to reinforce the essential marketing message that PICE is a small fellowship of individuals who help each other make informed credit decisions.
Selected royalty-free stock photographs of young, happy professionals to further underscore the "congenial and close-knit " message.
Through the creative talents of Raeanne Hytone, developed a logo that is instantly recognizable to everyone in the printing business: CMYK registration blocks ( ) with the letters C-M-Y-K replaced with the letters P-I-C-E.
Produced an entirely new public Web site with high-impact photographic images, persuasive prose, and an easy-to-use navigation structure.
Created a stationery package, presentation folder, and marketing kit inserts.
Ensured that all marketing products had a consistent look and feel.
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