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Coalition Management

Space Station Associates
Manage the day-to-day operations of a government affairs coalition of the United States contractors of the International Space Station (ISS).
Course of Action
Established a “members only” Web site for announcements and documents.
Staffed the weekly coalition meeting.
Communicated with members through daily emails, providing updates on ISS on-orbit status, Congressional and NASA developments, and breaking news.
Attended hearings, markups, and other events, writing and distributing meeting summaries on a same-day basis.
Worked closely with officials in the various NASA “codes,” congressional staff, and officials in the Office of Management and Budget.
Produced year-end wrap-up report, distributed on CD.
Successfully managed the coalition for two years.
Organized a high-visibility reception at the Canadian Embassy sponsored by the coalition, showcasing the contributions of the international partners to the ISS, and entertaining 175 guests including members of Congress and staff.
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