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Fred H. Hutchison entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1971, completed full time enrollment in May 1975, and received a B.S. from the Civil Engineering Department in February 1976.

While at MIT he pursued an interdisciplinary study program with a focus on environmental law and management, technology assessment, and political science. Many of his courses as a junior and senior were graduate level subjects offered by MIT's Civil Engineering and Political Science Departments and the BU Law School.

Like others of his generation, he refused to let class work interfere with his extracurricular activities. He played freshman basketball, briefly rowed crew, and sailed tech dinghies. He was an editor and feature columnist at The Tech, MIT's student newspaper, and drew the ill-fated comic strip "Nuts & Screws."

He was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and an inveterate hacker (practical joker). His most renowned hack involved a wishing well complete with water, coins and goldfish. Photos from this incident ran nationwide.

He often says of those years at MIT, "I was damned lucky to make it out alive."


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